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Fire Safety for Landlords

In this article we will take a look at landlord responsibilities as far as fire risk and safety are concerned. This will focus on the private rental sector and does not cover the extra complexities of Homes of Multiple Occupancy, shared flats or the social rented sector.

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What is Shared Ownership?

Getting on to the property ladder is not always an affordable affair and the Government does have schemes to help buyers who could ordinarily not afford to buy a house, make that step towards being a homeowner. One such scheme is the shared ownership and we will cover this in more detail in this article.

Help to Buy Scheme Explained

The Government’s affordable home ownership schemes could help you get on the property ladder. In this article we review the Government’s Equity Loan Help to Buy Scheme and a little more detail.

Tips for Sorting Final Bills When Moving

There are a million things to think of when moving home from that essentials bag for the first few days, to mail re-directs, changes of address, packing up all your possessions and the logistics of the move itself. It’s no wonder then, that sorting out all the final bills can get overlooked. In this article we provide a handy reminder of the bills and some tips on how to deal with each one.

Style Your Garden to Sell in 6 Easy Steps

What does your garden mean to you? For us, it can be summarised in three simple words: entertainment, enjoyment and peace. With it being such a pleasurable, versatile space, it’s no wonder several studies show that it’s within the top three priorities for a potential buyer.

Illuminating Ideas for your Home

Lighting is, of course, very practical and allows you to illuminate even the darkest areas of your home, especially in those dark winter months, but there is so much more to lighting than the simple practicalities and your choice of lighting can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your home.

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What information does a landlord (or their agent) need from a tenant

When letting a property out, it isn’t simply a case of finding a tenant, signing an agreement and letting them move in. In this article we will take a look at the checks that a landlord needs to carry out and the information they will need from a prospective tenant.

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Landlord’s Safety Obligations

Letting out a property is a very worthwhile undertaking and can be very rewarding, but it doesn’t come without responsibility. As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is and always will be your top priority.

Sell your home at Easter for a Summer Move

Spring is a wonderful time to sell a home – the buds are budding, gardens are springing into life, and a little bit of sunshine makes everyone’s home look better. Plus, buyers have traditionally always started home searching in the spring, and the property portals tell us this is still the case today.

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What Is A Leasehold Property?

When purchasing a property, there are two types of tenure: Freehold and Leasehold. In this article we will take a look at Leasehold tenures in more detail, but will, for the sake of context, explain what freehold is.

Making of Easter DIY wreath
How to Make an Easter Wreath

Wreaths are no longer just for Christmas. Beautiful door arrangements are becoming popular all year round, never more so than at Easter. In this article we share how to make an Easter Wreath, with some great tips, links to guides and design ideas.

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How Much Is My Property Worth?

In this article we will take a look at the historical trends in property prices over the last few decades and take a look at some regional trends too.